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The Bittersweet Ones

Chapter 3

The Kingdom of Airia

By the time we arrived in Airia, it was way past nightfall. It was too dark to see any of the jungle decorated scenery, there were so many dark trees, it looked like they could attack us at any moment. I had learned that Lita was afraid of the dark, so I advised her to close her eyes, she ended up falling on me. During the course of our trip, Lita and I would talk about irrelevant things, we would talk about flowers, animals, music, even the loch. She would ask me questions too; what my favorite color was, my hobbies and likes. Normal questions like that would normally irritate me, however, I didn’t seem to mind them with Lita.
Lita had told me that she hasn’t been to the market ever since she went with me. When I asked her why, it was because she would rather go with me, I couldn’t help but feel flattered. Most of the night of the trip, Lita would fall asleep, so I managed to have some peace, and
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Tattoos Hurt Man~ :iconanimebabe161:Animebabe161 54 23 Punk Bulblin :iconanimebabe161:Animebabe161 12 0 Must Be Allergy Season~ :iconanimebabe161:Animebabe161 75 7 Punk Ganon :iconanimebabe161:Animebabe161 49 13 Punk Zant :iconanimebabe161:Animebabe161 29 5
The Bittersweet Ones

Chapter 2

A Cryptic Rapture

On my list of places that look the same and never change, the crypt is certainly one of them. It’s larger than a regular crypt, almost like a dungeon, and it smelled of the dead. There were graves everywhere and corpses moreover. Bats decorated the ceiling, but it was hard to tell because it was too dark to see them. I was making my way towards the center of the crypt, a large statue was there, surrounded by large doors at each side.
I walked up to the statue and read the lettering written across.
"If you wish to proceed through the valley of the dead, decorate the statue in scarlet blood to reveal the path."
I stared at the statue in skepticism, remembering that I had heard before of hidden treasures in this cave, I guess scarlet blood is referring to one of them. Venturing off, I started looking for the scarlet stone. Everything was so quiet, it was uncomforting, and not to mention how dark it was, not
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Frolic in the Flowers :iconanimebabe161:Animebabe161 30 7
The Bittersweet Ones
Once in a great land there dwelled two kingdoms, one in the east and one in the west. They were beautiful realms that lived in peace and prosperity with one another. Until one of them became greedy. Under the influence of a sinister man, the king of the east declared war on the kingdom of the west. The man wanted to rule all of the land and was willing to do anything to achieve that goal, even murder the king. Left alone as the only ruler, the princess of the kingdom of the east was locked up, never to see the light of day, and the man ruled with all the power and glory of his wickedness. Fortunately, a warrior emerged from the depths of the woods to defeat the malevolent man. Having spent a year training under the guidance of different masters, the warrior gained the skills and techniques to defeat he evil ruler and save he kingdom.
A year passed and the kingdoms once again lived in peace and prosperity. As for the hero, he lives his life in the kingdom of the east venturing from one
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Age: 35
Birthday: October, 20
Gender: Male
Blood Type: O
Hair Color: Brown
Skin: Pale
Eye Color: Blue
Occupation: CEO of The Demon Hunters Organization
Favorite: Fathering, drinking... Everything...?
Background: Han is a happy-go-lucky father and CEO. He became CEO Of the Demon Hunters Organization of Tokyo at the age of 24, unfortunately a year after he was targeted by a very powerful succubus. However instead of killing him the succubus killed his wife Suji as a warning to stop hunting demons. After the tragedy, Han decided to take a break from his job and father Luke, who was only 7 at the time. When Luke turned 15, he encouraged Han to resume his position as CEO of the Demon Hunters, reluctant at first, it wasn't until Luke promised him that he would find the succubus and avenge his mother's death that he returned to his job. Han didn't agree with what Luke wanted, but there was nothing he could do to stop him, and so he allowed Luke to join the Demon Hunters. Together, with the help of friends, they work to find the succubus and avenge Suji Saiawa's death.


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